Sunday, December 03, 2006

Which Sesame Street Muppet's Dark Secret Are You?

Snuffy's Suicide AttemptsPoor baby, life is rough for you, huh? No one seems to see you, no one notices your pain--except for your friend Big Bird, but he's alway off hanging out with his other friends. You wish you were him, all happy and curious and popular and bright yellow. You feel like his shadow anymore, like the only reason you exist is to amuse him. It's hard being somebody's imaginary friend. But stop trying to kill yourself--imaginary people can't kill themselves. Sorry. And hey, maybe tomorrow you'll feel better! Someday people will see you, I promise.
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RE: Writing

This should be another writing prompt post. However, when I sat down late last night to "Little tears of hot wax dripped from the tilted candelabra" all I got out of were notes. Not even a complete paragraph of notes. I stared off into space and did not get inspired. Absoultly no scene presented itself to me.

I've been thinking about my writing in a deteched way. Technically weak, with run ons and fragments lots of fragments; Creatively mild, with no meat in the discriptions, and poorly executed action. "Whatever, lots of room for improvement." Take that, you internal editor you. All of the writing articles I have read recently have said, just keep writing. So I will.

I looked into a couple of writing contests. They all scare me right now because, I don't know what to write about "that", my writing sucks, and the deadline is next week. It's OK that they scare me because they have all been Horror contests. I have also looked into an internet critique circle, that looks like way more comitment than I can handle. Basically, critique other peoples stories until you get enough credit to submit your own, but you have to keep critiquing or your story doesn't bubble up to the top. I'll pass on that 12 week project for now.

I started rereading "Getting Things Done", I did not finish the book the last 2 times I started it. Doesn't really matter. A student practices, so does a master. I never gave up on "MY" orginization. I have been using my Hipster since I put it together. Its usefullness could be debated, but I never gave up on using it. I frequently get mocked for it. I use it for minor notes at work (a number denoting the job I'm working on down the left side, what needs done after that. Basiclly a running Next Actions list divorced from projects). Practice, practice practice, it'll come.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Toasted Cheese Writing Prompt 01122006

Her note was clear, consice, and final. 'There is nothing left between us. I'm leaving'.
Thinking aloud, "Oh well, there's more than one flower under the sun." then he walked away from his computer to get dressed for work.

You know those silly either or questionaires? Coffe or Tea, White or Wheat. He was always the Dumpee never Dumper and he actually perfered it like that. When a relationship was heading for trouble he headed back into work, sooner or later the other person (there had been a couple of feme guys) would feel abandoned and would either find another person to console them or leave outright. Notes or Fights, either way they always left him not the other way around.

He thought Nicole had another week or two before she gave up. She must of found someone else. He never minded when they found someone else, in fact it made things intresting right before they ended.

It's when they ask what he does that signals the begining of the end. "Paperwork mostly." Is the reply that seems to squelch the inquires the most, but the seed has been planted. Cover stories only go so far, and when do you get to put them away? While dating he was always himself. After they ask he finishes or starts his big projects and mostly the paperwork. Po then waits for them to start calling.
Once he told the truth, it was long ago, and like his instructors had warned him the relationship took on meaning and the work suffered and then the relationship became the job and when the detachment came to the relationship it struck a blow to the soul that never grew back. All students try it at one point and all students are shaken. The training is deep and broad, when complete, inescapable. "Doc, it was like I was a robot. I felt nothing for days. I had to get away, come back here to figure it out, What's happening to me Doc." "Your training," was the reply. Hypnotapes, biologic and cybernetic inplants. Trigger them and they take over. Which is why he was a security expert.

Some things to note:
I have not let go of my NaNo Po, aka "Sector 7" was a character I spent a lot of time thinking about but never got to that part of my novel. Things are still brewing up there expect to see bits fall out.
I had no response to the prompt. I added to it before and after back and forth until I got going. I am not pleased with what came out, but tell me what you think.
I am going to post responses to writing prompts and exercises if you don't like it tell me what bothers you so.
I might open another blog for life/work comments, for now expect to see sensless crap, and random life comments.

Thursday, November 30, 2006


So Today is the last day of NaNoWriMo 2006. I have worked on my novel besides my listed word count. I did backup day to ward off the crash gremlins, and I had one anyway. I lost everything. Everything meaningful to me was in the Documents and Settings folder. All personal settings, all project files, manuals for most equipment I've worked on, pictures, everything. Now the rest of the directory structure was safe just Documents and Settings got hosed. Smitfraud-C.Toolbar888 was the culprit, I even know where I picked it up. I got it from "Chris Pound's random name generator". I feel dirty and clean at the same time. Now the recovery process begins. I lost about a gig of raw data.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The WriMo end

NaNoWriMo 2006, this is perhaps the worst writing experience I have ever had. My previous low point writing (besides not writing anything for 5 or 6 years) was when my Schizophrenic mother and I were in the same intro English class in my hometown's Community College. Every paper I did was late, and why? Because my mother was dominating the computer. I remember clearly looking at what she wrote and being horrified that my sinking grade was due to her second grade vocabulary and syntax.

What made NaNoWriMo 2006 so horrible was my low word count. I had overtime dropped on my lap, dental problems, got a skin rash and by then I was cooked. My word deficit is insurmountable by me. I still have not broken ten thousand words, by now I can’t wait for November to be over.

On a positive note NaNoWriMo has renewed my interest in writing. I got a taste with this blog. Now I really want to write and improve as a writer. CRSE has the nonfiction down, that leaves the rest to me. I joined Toasted Cheese which has an ezine, writing prompts, and a forum. So the results of the writing prompts will probably end up here.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Not so good

So on top of a root cannal last week, I got a weird all over body rash this weekend.
My company is doing something different and we are working the Friday after Thanksgiving. Most of my coworkers are taking the day off, but guess what, I'm going in on Saturday too. Catching up on my NaNo, no the project I got assigned a couple of weeks ago is going to be powered up on Friday and that will put it at a week past delivery. OK.
Well my NaNo is turning out to be a wash this year, but I am committed to finishing it. Maybe.
I am also looking forward to atempting next year.

Must write. must write more.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Back to obsessive

Ok, 9 hours playing pokemon for Max this weekend and 0 hours working on my novel. New strategy same as the old one, get obsessive and write every moment

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Now what?

My novel ia at about 3000 words of crap and I really haven't gotten anywhere. It's all discription that really doesn't make much sense, I hate it and the weird things that have put me here. I am not giving up but the only way I am going to make it is if I have some serious writing bursts like I am wasting here.

Oh, and the new version of blogger is ready for me to try.

I want to do the novel thing but I'm thinking my blogging needs might be better filled elswhere.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I am hosed

I am now officially 3 days behind. I got a root canal that I can't afford, and still need to get my tooth fixed. We also had an extreme Pampered Chef party. Now I'm at work waiting for a program to load (can you guess what I do?). I am so hosed, This afternoon I might have get locked into a small closet so I can catch up.

I am not writing 800 words an hour. I need to hit that kind of pace if I am going to make it. It's done. and so is my post.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Day two

So I totally wimped out tonight, I sat down to write at about 9:30 and the toothache I have would not leave me alone. It hadn't for hours. I had already hit my steel front door hard enough to leave knuckle dents, you know make something else hurt to distract from the original pain. I couldn't focus on anything but the pain in my mouth so I went to bed. Well the same pain is getting me out of bed and I will be listening to Ekoms Top on Winamp's Shoutcast network and attempting to write.